Iran’s supreme chief breaks silence on protests, accuses America

Dubai: Supreme Chief of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamene publicly reacted on Monday to the most important protests in Iran through the years, breaking weeks of silence to sentence the violent riots and accuse the protests of being deliberate by the US and Israel,
Khamenei described the loss of life of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini within the custody of Iran’s ethics police, setting off nationwide protests as “a tragic occasion” that “broke our hearts.” Nonetheless, he sharply condemned the protests as a overseas conspiracy to destabilize Iran, echoing earlier feedback from officers.
“This riot was deliberate,” he informed a cadre of police college students Tehran, “I state unequivocally that these riots and insecurities had been designed by America and the Zionist regime and their workers.”
“Such acts usually are not regular, unnatural,” he stated on the protests.
His remarks come at a time when protests throughout the nation over Amini’s loss of life entered the third week regardless of the federal government’s efforts.

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