Good Weekend Superquiz and Saturday Goal Time, October 8

by Jackie Martinez and Stephanie Bull.

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Credit score:

goal time

Discover phrases of 4 letters or extra. Every phrase should include a center letter and every letter is used solely as soon as. Discover no less than one 9 letter phrase. No colloquial or international phrases, capitalized nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verb or plural phrase ends in “s”. The answer listing is just not exhaustive.

Reference Supply: Macquarie Dictionary.

Right now’s purpose: 11 phrases, common; 14 phrases, good; 18+ phrases, wonderful.

Tomorrow’s purpose: census, clonus, clue, coleus, consul, coulis, coulis, lawyer, cousin, cuis, phantasm, ileus, incus, incus, subject, leu, locus, louse, lus, loon, nisus, nuclear, oculi, onus, ounce, SECLUSION, sinus, sluice, solus, sol, sous, sulci, unsee, uncle, unclose, uncoil, till.

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