Goal Time and Superquiz, Friday, August 26

By Andrew Brooks



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Discover phrases of 4 letters or extra. Each phrase should embody the centre letter and every letter is used as soon as solely. Discover at the very least one nine-letter phrase. No colloquial or international phrases, capitalised nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verbs or plural phrases ending in “s”. Resolution listing shouldn’t be exhaustive.

Reference supply: Macquarie Dictionary.

At present’s Goal: 10 phrases, common; 18 phrases, good; 26+ phrases, wonderful

Yesterday’s Goal Time: aiming, anti, acquire, gait, gamin, big, IMITATING, intima, magi, major, matin, mating, matting, mini, mint, mitt, taint, taming, timing, ting, tint, titan, titi, titian.

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