Fenir named longest residing home cat by Guinness World Data

  • Fenir, a two-year-old Savannah cat from Michigan, has been named the longest residing home cat within the Guinness World Data.
  • His brothers had beforehand held titles of their very own, together with the Altair Cygnus Powers and the late Arcturus Aldebaran Powers.
  • Fenir’s proprietor mentioned he needs to make use of the title to assist stray and shelter cats in Detroit.

He loves remedy, he helps sufferers chill out on the physician’s workplace, and he’s now the longest residing home cat on the earth.

Two-year-old Savannah cat Fenir Antares Powers measured 18.83 inches on January 29, 2021. His report was revealed within the Guinness World Data 2023 version.

In accordance with the Worldwide Cat Affiliation, Savannah cats like Fenrir are in between home cats and wild African cats with large ears. The cross gained reputation within the Nineties and, in 2001, the affiliation accepted Savannah as a newly registered breed,

The web site mentioned Fenrir is owned by Will Powers, a Michigan doctor and HIV specialist. Powers adopted him when he was simply 12 weeks outdated.

“He simply grew up and advanced to be like Clifford the Massive Pink Canine,” Powers mentioned. Video in regards to the cat.

And Fenrir’s household isn’t any stranger to fame. 4 of Powers’ cats have formally gained a Guinness World File.

Well-known cats within the household embrace:

  • Altair Cygnus Powers – Guinness World Data title holder For the longest tail of a residing home cat. Their tail size is 16.07 inches.
  • Arcturus Aldebaran Powers – Guinness World Data Title holder For the longest cat ever lived, and beforehand held the title of longest residing home cat. He died in a fireplace in 2017.
  • Cygnus Regulus Powers – A Silver Maine Coon Who Organized report For the longest tail of a residing home cat. Cygnus was additionally killed in a 2017 fireplace.

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Fenir Antares Powers, the longest living domestic cat.  The cat measures 47.83 centimeters and was verified on January 29, 2021 in Farmington Hills, Mich.

The household’s newest report setter, the Fenrir, is barely taller than the average-sized Savannah cats; They normally measure between 14 and 17 inches, the Guinness web site mentioned. He could also be taller than his late brother, Arcturus.

Fenir, whom Powers affectionately calls “Fen”, is pleasant and fairly outgoing. He additionally loves serving to in Powers’ workplace to relax anxious and careworn sufferers.

Powers mentioned in a video that he’s additionally “extraordinarily” hungry and has restricted his eating regimen as a result of he’s getting too large.

And his stature helps him to do issues that others can not.

“Whereas we have been making an attempt to take some photos of him, we needed to lock a number of the different cats out of the room, and Fenir determined he did not wish to be within the room anymore,” he recalled. “So he received up on his hind legs and opened the door.”

He snatches issues off the countertop if he spots them.

Fenir Antares Powers, the longest living domestic cat.  The cat measures 47.83 centimeters and was verified on January 29, 2021 in Farmington Hills, Mich.

He is nonetheless rising, and a few individuals mistake the feline for a small panther, a puma, or an ocelot, Powers mentioned.

Powers advised Guinness World Data, “It might probably actually scare individuals they usually flip away from her in worry, however as soon as I clarify that she’s a remedy cat and may be very sociable, individuals are inclined to stroll as much as her.” Excited to.”

The Physician admitted that he does every thing for his cats, and even joked that his father needs to be reincarnated as one in all them due to how dotted they’re.

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