Chess in headlines for all of the fallacious causes, dishonest controversy settles

Properly, our beloved sport is producing front-page headlines, gaining protection on main community broadcasts and serving as a spotlight for the extreme consideration of pundits around the globe.


In fact, all the eye is not because of some superb mixture or a good match, however to world champion Magnus Carlsen’s allegations that younger American GM Hans Moke Niemann cheated to win his recreation in final month’s ninth Sinckfield Cup. St. Louis.

Niemann vehemently denied this, however Carlsen continued his protest, solely to forfeit a subsequent on-line recreation towards American after a transfer and issued a brand new assertion final week that he believes “Niemann has cheated extra – and till not too long ago – publicly admitted.”

“His over-the-board progress has been uncommon,” Carlsen’s assertion learn partially, “and all through our recreation within the Sinckfield Cup I had the impression that he was not tense and even thorough. Wasn’t concentrating on the sport within the essential place, whereas outclassing me as Black in a means I believe solely a handful of gamers can do. This recreation contributed to vary my perspective.

“We should do one thing about dishonest,” Champion continued, “and going ahead, I do not need to play towards individuals who have cheated repeatedly prior to now, as a result of I do not know what they’re.” are capable of do. sooner or later.”

The allegations of dishonest and the apparent undeniable fact that right this moment’s chess-playing computer systems can simply calculate Carlsen, Niemann, and each different grandmaster as of late definitely attracted the eye of the broader world. To date, nobody has offered convincing proof that Niemann broke the rule or how he may need completed it, and, importantly, US chess officers introduced that he could be enjoying the US at this week’s St. Will likely be within the discipline for chess championship. membership.

Even knowledgeable chess-cheaters seem divided as as to whether Niemann’s recreation is sketchy and the worldwide chess federation FIDE introduced it was organising a particular committee to look into Carlsen’s explosive allegations. Is. keep tuned.


For all the brand new exterior consideration, issues about dishonest are nothing new to the world of chess, as right this moment’s recreation – performed 16 years in the past – can attest.

The unfortunately-named “toiletgate” discovered some front-page love of its personal on the time, overseeing the precise recreation in a watershed 2006 match between Bulgarian GM Veselin Topalov and Russian star GM Vladimir Kramnik over the – in any case – long-divided world. The championship was reunited. crown.

The declare of Topalov’s group that Kramnik was utilizing a lot of midgame journeys to the toilet to acquire undue assists has not bode properly: no proof of nefarious acts has ever surfaced, and Kramnik seems to have received. It was sturdy sufficient by itself.

However controversy practically fueled the match, because the Russian forfeited Sport 5 to withstand the relegation and declare the crown in a two-game fast playoff solely after the classical portion of the match led to a tie.

It is not instantly clear if Black was getting silicon cues within the well-known second recreation of the match, the place human foibles and human misconceptions abound. Kramnik’s 16. f4 Bxd3?! The experiment on this well-known QGD Slav line performs poorly as Topalov, one of many world’s nice attackers, exerts formidable strain on the kingside. Issues unfold at 28. Qc2 Rxb2 29. hxg6! (A really harmful thought, as in 29…Rxc2 ?? [also bad is 29…Nxg6?? 30. Qxg6+! hxg6 31. Rxg6+ Kh7 32. R6g3 Bh4 33. Rh3, with mate to come] 30. GXH7+ KXH7 [Kf7 31. h8=N mate is pretty cool, too] 31. Rg7+ Kh6 32. f5+ Kh5 33. f6 Bxf6 34. exf6, with 35. R1g5+ Kh6 36. Rf5 mate on faucet) h5 30. g7 hxg4 31. gxf8=Q+ (see diagram) Bxf8 ?? (It was additionally shedding 31…Rxf8 ?? 32. Qg6+ Kh8 33. Qh5+ Kg8 34. Rxg4+ Bg5 35. Rxg5 Mate; was obligatory 31… Kxf8 32. Qh7 Qe2!, with counterplay anticipated), a shedding transfer That laptop will not even play in 2006.

However White returns the favor with 32. Qg6+!? (Rxg4+! Bg7 33. Qc7! Simply appears to win; eg 33…Qf1+ 34. Ng1 Qg2+ 35. Rxg2 Rxg2 36. Kxg2) Bg7 33. f5 Re7! 34. f6 Qe2 35. Qxg4 Rf7, and Black can breathe simply – he isn’t mating and has a pawn to trade and barter to take the strain off.

After lacking out on the win, White has bother shifting gears to carry a draw, which has fascinating tactical touches: 36. Rc1?! (Qh5! There are nonetheless actual issues for Black – 36…a5 [Qxe3?? 37. Ng5 is crushing] 37. Rg3 Qxe3 38. fxg7 Rb1+ 39. Kh2 Rb2+ 40. Kh3 Rxhg7 41. Ng5, with a robust assault) Rc2! 37. Rxc2 Qd1+ 38. Kg2 Qxc2+ 39. Kg3 Qe4, and after the queens arrive, Kramnik’s queenside pawns will likely be able to roll.

After 40, Bf4 Qf5 41. Qxf5 exf5 42. Bg5 (Black is best after 42. fxg7?! Rxg7+ 43. Kf2 Rg4 44. Bd2 Kf7) a5 43. Kf4 (fxg7 Rxg7+ 44. Kf4 a4 45. Nd2 a3 46 . e6 a2 47. Nb3 Rh7 48. Kxf5 Rh1 and wins) a4 44. Kxf5, Topalov will get two scary trying pawns within the heart, however Black has his pawns to maneuver on and finally ends up profitable 50 on do commerce. e7 Re1+ 51 Kxd5 Bxe7 52. fxe7 Rxe7 53. Kd6 Re1. Within the last place after 63. Kf6 Re3, Black’s rook dominates White’s knight and White can not help the king e-pawn. After traces like 64. Kf7 b3 65. Na4 Kd7 66. Kf6 Kxd6, it’s a straightforward endgame win for Kramnik, and Topalov resigns.

The unhappy half right here is that toiletgate overshadowed one of many nice world championship video games of the trendy period.


In brief… As talked about above, Neiman will be part of an expanded discipline of 14 GMs for the kick-off of this 12 months’s US Championships starting Wednesday and operating by October 20 at St. Louis Chess Membership. The US Girls’s Championship with 14 gamers additionally begins on the identical time and place. GM Wesley So and IM Carissa Yip are again to defend their 2021 titles, and we’ll have all of the motion and coloration in an upcoming column. … Congratulations to the 2022 class of inductees into the US Chess Corridor of Fame: nineteenth century promoter and chess author Daniel Willard Fiske, GM James Tarzan and IM and prolific chess author John Watson. For extra info on his exceptional profession, go to the Corridor of Fame web site right here.

Topalov-Kramnik, World Championship Match, Sport 2, Elista, Russia, September 2006

(Click on on the picture above to view the complete chessboard.)

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Nf3 dxc4 5. a4 Bf5 6. e3 e6 7. Bxc4 Bb4 8. OO Nbd7 9. Qe2 Bg6 10. e4 OO 11. Bd3 Bh5 12. e5 Nd5 13. Nxd5 cxd5 14. Qe3 Bg6 15. Ng5 Re8 16. f4 Bxd3 17. Qxd3 f5 18. Be3 Nf8 19. Kh1 Rc8 20. g4 Qd7 21. Rg1 Be7 22. Nf3 Rc4 23. Rg2 fxg4 24. Rxg1 f6 25. Rag4 26. h4 Rb4 27. h5 Qb5 28. Qc2 Rxb2 29. hxg6 h5 30. g7 hxg4 31. gxf8=Q+ Bxf8 32. Qg6+ Bg7 33. f5 Re7 34. f6 Qe2 35. Qxg4 Rf7 36. Rc1 Rc2 37. Rxc2 . Kg2 Qxc2+ 39. Kg3 Qe4 40. Bf4 Qf5 41. Qxf5 exf5 42. Bg5 a5 43. Kf4 a4 44. Kxf5 a3 45. Bc1 Bf8 46. e6 Rc7 47. Bxa3 Bxa3 48. Ke5 Rc1 49. Ng5 Rf1 50. Re1+ 51. Kxd5 Bxe7 52. fxe7 Rxe7 53. Kd6 Re1 54. d5 Kf8 55. Ne6+ Ke8 56. Nc7+ Kd8 57. Ne6+ Kc8 58. Ke7 Rh1 59. Ng5 b5 60. d6 Rd1 61. Ne6 Re1 62. Nc Kf6 Re3 White resigns.

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